God Said 1 Timothy


I heard “1 Timothy” and then the word “Fair
Read About 1 Timothy: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Timothy+1&version=KJV
Heard a prophecy drop.
Vision: I saw a quick vision of me having a sink and cleaning dishes.
Vision: Another vision I had was me driving and I needed to turn my lights on.
My sister’s husband is having an operation, which confirms another dream I had in the previous summer. He has been a bit worried ab it and I dreamed I was him and getting the operation done. I saw the surgeon and he explained everything he was doing and I even felt the pain in my stomach. I was able to handle it, but remember being scared. It came out ok and he just prescribed meds for pain.
Dream: My sisters were trick or treating and I had a teenage daughter and she had black curly hair. She asked if she could go with my sister Tonya. I remember looking at her and she looked like me at that age.
Another dream I was going over obstacles to pay a bill with my sisters.
Dream: I lived next to a gas station and some prom kids pulled up and thought my house was vacant, but I told them it was not. I went in the back and a guy was with me. He went into the bathroom and I was playing jokes on him.