Heard the name “Nate”


I heard the name “Nate” this morning.
Vision: I saw a guy with black hair on his knees and hands behind his head praying really hard. He had a green shirt on and gray shorts.
Words I have been seeing: Prepared and Joy
Dream: I dreamed I knew who the strong man was and we were like getting to know one another. It was like we had an apartment and someone was spying on us. We also were involved in a church setting with a lot of ppl, but I remember thinking he may be too busy for me. This guy is a guy I seen at a church I attended recently near me.
Dream: I was in a big crowd like a school environment and my mom was in charge of testing. Everyone was testing and I was not prepared for mine, but she gave me my test and the guy in charge asked to see me and I was worried I didn’t have enough time to test. He asked if I could do some creative work for him, because he heard I was good at art. I really did not want too.