Jesus In the Crowds


Vision: I saw Jesus in a crowd with his hands stretched out like he was witnessing. The crowd was a bit blurred tho. Many times Jesus loved to teach and preach and he went among crowds many times in scriptures to do it. They saw something in him more powerful, then a normal man or they would not have followed him in multitudes.
Mark 10:10 And he arose from thence, and cometh into the coasts of Judaea by the farther side of Jordan: and the people resort unto him again; and, as he was wont, he taught them again.
34 verses of him teaching in the crowds:
Words: “Best Choice”
Vision: I saw the lion peeking out of the cave, then he backed up and went back in. I see the lion as the Lion of Judah.
Dream: I was telling an old friend from my christian church I used to attend about the holy spirit of fire. He never really believed in it, though he believed in Jesus. He seemed to want to learn about it now though.
Vision: I saw a vision of the sky with trees surrounding the outside of it. It was like a black swipe to open up this view…was different. Right after this I had another vision of a white pergola and ppl were under it dancing like at a wedding outside.
Dream: I dreamed of a very big strong man. He was very scary to a group of us and very powerful big man…He appeared to be bad at first but really was good. A group of us were running from him and a guy was trying to escape and I helped him. Then we all ended up at a party and he came and we were scared of what he would do, but I ended up showing him love and tamed him. He was very huge like hulk and bald. It seemed at first he was not. We were in this area of cars and he said ok your next, but they all ran. I pulled him to me with my hands and said lets go home. I tamed him and calmed him with love. He stopped a whole train from going over some tracks and a kid fell in the water so He then saved the child who fell in the water and almost drowned. It was like we saved this kid together. The person on the train was like someone in charge of his city and telling him to not stop the train, but he was too powerful. Yet I was able to bring out his heart. ( I believe the symbolism of this is a man of power and strength(not necessarily man’s idea of strength) who doesn’t do much good with it until he is combined to work with me, then together we do more good…Is this the strong man)
There was an incident where I have been praying fervently for a friend of mine and believe he is a divine connection in some way. I asked Jesus will he be healed and will he let me know if he will be. I saw “Answer Promised” ….then I felt the holy spirit for confirmation. I believe I got my answer, but I am waiting for God to confirm :).