Vision of God’s Hand


Vision/Symbol: God’s hand sliding into view over my website, like saying “I’ll give you a hand” It was the back of his hand and on a white squared background on the top left corner of the website. Like a drop down banner. It’s seems some kind of pattern of God’s symbols on white cards sometimes or with white letters.
Heard: I heard another whistle in my ear.
Vision: My son got a white truck and got rid of his old car. This vision could be interpreted as him moving up in some way or prospering.
Cairvoyant=Prophecy in the Making
Dream: I have been dreaming of this guy with dark hair kinda guiding me throughout my recent dreams. I am not sure who he is or if he is travis, but this time he had a girl he loved who was his wife and it seemed she was not in the picture much, but at one point he was sad bc they had a fight and she disappeared. I heard him say “I wish I never left you” and this was to me. This guy was like in military or retired from it. We ended up running through a school, bc we were running away from guys out to kill us. Along the way we got two other girls who were helping us and all ended up in this room with a bunch of clairvoyant men. All sitting separate and not talking like in day dreams. One ended up going into an episode where I was able to be in his vivid dream with him and he was in trouble by something and the gate was closing down on him. I kept telling him to call on the name of Jesus for help and finally he started speaking in spanish and I knew what he was saying was asking God for help. Then he was freed from the gate. He got up and said now I have help from the Lord and they can’t hurt me. I believe I helped him learn to turn his dreams into prophetic dreams. Even in our dreams when we are spiritually attacked, we need to learn to call for God for help. This whole dream was in a mall setting and then seemed like a school setting.
To the Clairvoyant: You are really prophetic if you plug into the source….Jesus! Your help comes from him!
This site shows how similar prophetic dreams/visions/symbols are to a clairvoyant as the world calls them:
Another dream I was with a guy and it was like we were young and he kept wanting to be by me on the bus. I sat in the middle of the bus and they told me I had to move for safety. He was playing with my hair at one point and I had it in half pig tails.
Dream: My mom and me were in some kind of hotel where we were staying and I lost my key code to get into the room, so she had to help me. We ended up eating downstairs in the restaurant where I told her to pass me cauliflower, but she gave me too much.
Dream: Saw a website called “Speaking or speaky” and the header had a siloutte of ppl walking in animation.
Dream: A family was sending me a video for my website and they were showing em items with my website name on them. One of the items was like a pen with curls. I realized they needed help and asked where they were from and they said “cincinnati” so I went there to help give them food. After I got there the guy seemed like he was more interested in the size of my trunk, so i got suspicious and made a plan to give them the food in secret and leave.


To The People That Walk Away From Loved Ones: Many say they love someone and yet walk away so easily.  Jesus was never like this (Never will I leave you nor forsake you…) and aren’t we supposed to be like him?  Yet, so many followers say “I love you” then just shut the switch off like it’s nothing, but the other person lives with long-term scars and emptiness due to this.  I have experienced this so much and heard so many stories of others in complete sadness for years due to this type of rejection.  There is no closure in shutting people down, and this is not a followers walk, if anything we are the rejected like Jesus!  We have to do what’s right in all circumstances, because we are being watched by the King on his throne to see how we treat each other.  It’s part of our test!  This to me is the cruelest form of rejection and the one that leaves long-term or permanent scars.  It’s better to say the truth, then just shut the door on someone’s heart.  It’s better to confess your true feelings, then leave someone guessing the rest of their life of why did they leave me?  Jesus said…The Truth Will Set You Free… I pray everyone reading this will make mends with someone they have hurt by saying the truth and practice doing unto others as you would have them do to you if you loved them as much as they loved you.

To My Dear Friend: I think God revealed some of the truth, but the book is not closed and I continue to wait for you…I have a hard time understanding why you wanted to push me away so early and my heart seeks for the truth…If you had any love for me as a freind at all and you truly follow Jesus, then please spare my heart and don’t remain silent.  I know you still visit this site and this is the only way I can be in contact with you, so forgive me for posting it in public.  Please contact me, so I can stop posting to the world…I really just want one more chance to speak with you more then you will ever know…