Jesus Said No To Videos


I woke and heard Jesus say” I didn’t ask you to unveil, Nate will.” Wow, Is that the strong man’s name or a disguised name? I wasn’t sure if he said Nate or Nick tbh, because I heard a faint “Nick” after this. I know this confusion sometimes can be attacks on what we hear/see tho, so that’s why we discern/confirm and wait for God to reveal the truth in his time. So, if you didn’t read the last post…I was thinking about posting video’s sooner and I even made my intro last night thinking this is what God wanted me to do. I think he made it clear, “Strong Man” will unveil, so I have to wait on him. I love the way Jesus put it. Like saying this guy is a leader or the head of the relationship, so Jesus wants him to reveal me. I have been on my own so long and taken responsibility for getting things done, it’s hard for me to step back and wait on someone else to do it, but I love what Jesus is trying to do and say.

Vision: I saw myself laying on the ground facing away from jesus and I saw him standing behind me facing away from me. Then a bit later I saw another vision of him carrying me.
Vision: I saw a notebook with tan paper and it had colorful writings all over it, like words from God.
Vision: I saw a girl looking up smiling like worshipping God and that leads me to this video I just was watching bc I felt the urge to worship God.
The two main singers are a married couple and the one’s leading the worship group and I realized how cool that God made them a great match with their gifting’s. This is an awesome worship video if you want to get into the spirit. These people are really worshiping God and when you do that, he does not disappoint you with a feeling of joy in your heart. He loves it when you worship him, bc this is an act of love to him!