Jesus Smiled and “Results”


I had a vision of Jesus in a white background and he smiled at me.
Words: I saw the words “Results” I believe this could have been pertaining to my mom’s results after her surgery, because it was that very day she had to have surgery that I saw this. The results turned out better then expected and going to get final results in about a week or so, but they said all looks to be non-cancerous from what they can see.
Vision: I saw a heart that was like pushing up and out of blue and white bubble gum looking stuff.
Vision: I saw Jesus pouring out water out of a glass jug.
Vision: I saw someone handing someone glasses in a car from the backseat to the drivers seat, and then a second vision came where I saw the glasses. They were gold glasses for a girl and with colored gold dot colors all around the edges.
Vision: I saw a single white firework shoot up.
Vision: I saw a man walking with his back to me. He was walking in a crowd like he was very famous and going out into the lights where the crowd was. He had short hair on top but kinda hung over a bit of his shaved sides and back of his hair. His hair was dark. He had a white robe looking outfit on and it had like ribbed diamond shapes sewed into it in patterns.
Vision: I saw someone putting stuff inside a gift type basket. I saw a card that said “Godwin”