God said “Faithful and Grace”


God said “Faithful and Grace” He is faithful to his promises and he offers us grace poured out. 1 Timothy 1:12-17…It’s funny God mentioned 1 Timothy two entries ago and now he led me to this scripture of 1 Timothy 1:12-17.
I saw a vision of the Letter “M” in wood textures and on a wood ground.
I heard the name Alex or Alexander.
Dream: I dreamed my dad was going to bars and he was walking places bc he was living on the streets. He needed money. I walked into this bar type place looking for him and I think he was drunk. I saw a couple with the man laying on floor and he appeared famous and also drunk.
Dream: Me and two other ppl were in an apartment and evil presence was there making itself known to us and we were casting it out of the apartment.
Dream: I dreamed I was with my sisters in my mom’s backyard and standing on her deck. I walked in the grass and my foot got caught in a hole, and I pulled it out. Then I said “Is that a snake hole?” I pulled back the grass and saw rows of baby snakes inside very long shells getting ready to be born. I saw them breathing and one was already born and attacking at me, but it didn’t get me and crawled away. I remember thinking there are plenty of lizards and maybe they will eat them. I also went in at one point to ask my mom for some honey and she said she doesn’t have any, but has coupons.