Vision of Two Snakes


Vision of two snakes in my house in cabinets. This is a prophetic meaning to cast out and clean out your house “temple.” I have idea’s of how this happened, but I know God has given me peace now and my house is clean. God say’s, “Guard your heart.” The Serpent or Satan tempts us and is slick, but we have power over the demonic and should pray for the full Armor of God daily. Our love for God should be more, then a temporary happiness.
Dream: I was seeing Jesus a few times with his disciples and they appeared to be in a circle and one time on a hill.

Found this in my calendar today:
September 10, 2017 – I was upset ab my situation and talking to God and I heard on the TV the guy randomly said “All your questions will be answered” My spirit just felt and knew it was from God. Was strange how it happened.