Jesus Gave Me A White Rose


I had a beautiful vision of a long curvy wood table with many empty seats and nothing on table, except on the table by my seat was a single white rose for me. I forgot about this vision bc I went back to sleep and had some choas, but then while at work God reminded me by seeing the word “rose” then the vision popped back into my mind. This demonstration of his love almost brought me to tears. He saved me a seat and even left a beautiful rose. He gives more love then we can ever imagine. He saves us a seat at the wedding feast with him.
Vision: I saw Jesus with his hood up and wrapped all the way around his neck also.
Saw: Some about “3 dreams…love you!”
Heard: A door open in the spirit.
Heard: “Is (friends name) as the mass…easy member of checkmate”….then later I woke hearing “He is a child of God.” This is something I was kinda questioning about a friend.
Heard: Stop Stop… He is the Devil. I think this is referring to an action in my life and the devil is pushing the temptation.
Dreams: Of a big house and me and my sons were kinda renting a room and they were very nice rooms with video games.