Angel Said JC Wedding

I heard a voice that appeared to be an angel say “Well that will be a JC Wedding” with JC = Jesus Christ.
Then I see today…Coming soonStrong… (aka strong man God keeps talking about)
I also have been seeing corner, and around the corner as a message. Like saying it’s all just around the corner.
Ok, this is so crazy lol God is speaking to me about my future husband and I am like is this really gonna happen. I believe God keeps his word and if he keeps speaking about it, then it will come to pass. Yet, my humanly mind is fighting with disbelief still, because this would be my second marriage and I struggle with believing in love and trust here period. Gonna take a lot of miracles for this supernatural Jesus Christ Wedding he’s making happen.
God Gave Me JOY in my belly!
I also had a really cool experience with God last night, where I have been struggling a few days with things and my joy. Last night, God woke me up and gave me joy in my belly. It felt like tingling and the feeling you get when on a roller coaster and your stomach gets excited. Also, I could tell it was like flowing rivers and God felt attached to my head in some way with his vine and his words were flowing through me from my head to my belly. I could hear him speaking so much and seeing him saying so many things while feeling this. I did not write it all down bc it was too much and too fast. Plus, I was enjoying the ride lol. I did at one point say, God I am gonna need help remembering what you want me to say. I guess at this point, he gives me what he wants me to remember. I have felt similar in the past also, but it was like he gave me understanding of what it was last night. So below is the following words and images I remember.
Vision: I saw a lion from above running like towards me.
I saw words of…Vine…and…Leady/be ready…(I took this as I was connected to the vine and be ready for more or help to understand)
Words: He has made him too ____________Thou he been made to suffer. (There was actually a line here and no word. Does God want me to fill in the blank from scriptures)