Jesus Sitting With Gold Halo

Vision: I saw Jesus sitting in a place with white columns and white colored all around and he had a gold halo over his head. He looked over at me.
Words: I saw a website with words “Learn
Vision: I saw leaves being blown all around and a couple in the center of it. Like it was fall.
Words: I saw things flying all around the words “EyePromise Use.” God used that word again.
Prophecy: I heard “Oh hear ye who are smart. You are smart with the Lord“.
God has been showing me the word “Gold” the last three days so much.
Dream: I dreamed of a guy being executed and it was like I knew him. I saw him as good, but he was still going to be executed and I prayed so hard to God for help and remember being upset ab it. Then I saw gloves falling from the sky. 3 gloves. Two small gloves and one long one. Somehow this calmed us all down bc we knew God had heard and sent a sign he was there even tho he would still be killed we all had peace. The person executing even did not want to kill this man.
Dream: Third time, I dreamed of not being far from florida and a couple girls were saying it’s only about an hour a away…you shoud go.
I also saw myself going to get an apartment, but was in a bad end of town and sisters thought was a bad idea. Yesterday, I wanted to add a dream I remembered a house being built and was like I was building it.