Many of the lessons below the Lord was speaking and teaching about the promise he gives to his people.

I asked the lord a specific question about how to complete the mission or get to the promised land. I heard him say: “The ministry of those who do the last thing.” In my own understanding I didn’t understand this and when I asked the Lord what this means, I instantly got an impression of Abraham almost killing his son(his promise)…then it all hit me at once…We sacrifice the promise God gives back to him and that is the final step (last thing) to complete for that promise. We will be tested with following him that is for sure to test our faith, but there is a resting point after the final test or last thing specifically for a promise he gave you. It’s one thing to believe and hope for the promise, but it’s another to idolize the promise he gives. Could you truly give up that one thing God has promised you? Can we give our promise back to him as Abraham was promised a son and almost sacrificed him back to God because of his faithfulness to God. It’s the ultimate test of every ministry as well as our faith! God was never going to allow Abraham to kill his son, but it was a lesson for all generations… Do we love the promise more then the promise giver? Do we trust him?

Joshua 21:45
Not one of the good promises which the Lord had made to the house of Israel failed; all came to pass.

Vision: Saw Jesus and he looked like he was pondering about something and then I saw “Expectations” This again goes with any promise the Lord has given you…Why does it say “Hope deferred, makes the heart grow sick” bc of our own expectations and understanding. There is a reason the Lord say’s…”Trust in the lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will set your paths straight…” Proverbs 3:5-6

Heard a girl angel say…”When your ready, God will know!” Again, this goes with a promise from the Lord as well as your calling.

Saw vision of dark desolate area and to the right a quick glimpse of what looked like sunset and promise land but went right back to the darkness or desolate area. They were so close together in this vision. It was like a split scene vision. This also goes with God speaking about the promise. Many times we are so close, but we go back to our old way of thinking, or can’t see how close we are same as the Israelites walking in the wilderness. They didn’t realize how close they were bc of their mindset, so they were not ready for the promise yet.

Vision: To go with this further, I saw a rainbow on a specific night I had my own “Expectations” and I asked God if this was from him. That night I saw a vision of a rainbow and knew he was reminding me of the promise he made, even though I felt disappointed because of my own understanding.

Vision: I saw Jesus carrying a bucket of water up a hill and felt this went with the last post I wrote about him giving his firstfruits water and how they never loose their way to drink, because he is the water source.

Saw the presence of God’s spirit with me and felt him near. He was with me through the night. This one is hard to explain, but I knew it was his spirit.

Dream of married couple fighting and I told them it was from demons.

Dream of women searching for her daughter, she was around middle school age I believe long blonde and very sweet. You were not home one day and she went on a date with a young guy she liked, but it is the neighbor who killed her. He had dark short hair, semi tall and skinny. I kept feeling she was buried near his yard. He was on a lot of land with high grass around its entrance. Your backyard is facing his way, but not sure how far away he was. I believe he had a gray barn type house or building on it. I felt your emptiness and desperation to find her and God let me feel that bc he saw it. You were thinking about it when you were working in your raised garden bed attached to your house.

God has been confirming many personal things I ask him. God still speaks to his people!