True Meaning of Spoil the Rod, Spoil the Child


Most people think this means abuse to discipline, yet are they fully led by the holy spirit? His true spirit? I don’t think so, bc his true spirit will lead you into all understanding and there is POWER in that. If God is love how is hitting of love? Did Jesus ever hurt anyone or did he actually stop aggressive behavior when he told Simon Peter to stop after he cut the man’s ear off. Jesus healed him and he heals, he does not hurt. Jesus said, those who live by the sword, die by the sword in Matthew 26:52. So was he for abuse in anyway? Look at Jesus examples…and realize there is deeper spiritual meanings behind everything in the bible. You just read the outer layer, your missing his glory in teaching you by his spirit. What is the meaning of rod…look deeper bc Jesus was a deep thinker with his parables. God said…Deep calls unto deep (Psalm 42:7)…Deeper spiritual meanings. Jesus uses a rod to lead his sheep (us), but did he hit us to lead us? Jesus led by example and with love and yes he would use the rod to stop you from danger. Proverbs 22:6 says Train a child in the way he should go and he will not turn from it…TRAIN being the key word. Don’t spoil your kids with the things of this world…or without his love and instructions, and yes take things away if need be, but he would never allow us to hit each other. He said, if one man strikes on right cheek, let him strike the other side in Matthew 5:39. Does this sound like he wants us to hit our children? Discipline can include taking things away and God does do that. People think God is causing the bad against us, but that is really us doing it! God is the one trying to save people and correct their wrong thinking from learning the bible WITHOUT his spirit leading them. In God’s kingdom, there will be no hitting and no hurting, but in a fallen world there is per humans tryin to control everything and not going to God for everything. Think about it, if a person is abused by parents, do they end up abusing or marrying an abuser? it’s what they are used too, so why would the God of love want you to go after that kinda person if his idea of love is the fruits of the spirit…love joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness and gentleness, patience, and SELF CONTROL.? Hitting is the lazy way to discipline a child, and it is def not God’s way. it creates aggresive, unstable, or insecure children. That is satan’s playground to destroy us and make us believe God is cruel. It’s lack of understanding and not truly being led by his spirit.