Vision: Jesus Was Watching Me Close


Vision: I saw Jesus face so so close watching me. Like he could almost touch his nose to my nose. I have seem him almost this close and detailed before but never really focused on his eyes and this time his eyes were hollow or really dark shadowed to where I could not see them. I think there is a reason he has to hide his full details sometimes. I saw his light tan skin so close I could see shadows and pores. I saw his dark brown hair wavy parted with some over the sides of his face and his mustache with small beard. This wonderful vision was so clear and realistic. His look was more serious and focused on me. I loved him watching me and making it known he is there. He always knows when I need him closer. He shows up for his people, he loves and he is there, but you gotta surrender to his ways and will. Like a father, if you respect him that feels more like love to him. He will manifest himself (John 14:21) to those with pure hearts for him and people that desire to follow his will in obedience even to the point of sacrifice. After all, isn’t that just like him and his followers we read about? What if you don’t have that kinda heart for him…simple…just ask like he has told me many times. Ask him to give you that kind of heart. Below is just one example of his form in scriptures, but he has shown me he has more then one form. He chooses to come to me with this form the most and I believe this was his earthly form. This is how he shows himself to many the most, but the scripture below is more of his war form I believe.  He is consistent with showing me the same form.  I find images as closely as I can.

Revelation 1:14 “The hairs of his head were white, like white wool, like snow. His eyes were like a flame of fire…”

Visions I saw “Are You Ready” These words I saw was very huge white words. Then I saw “Ready.” I was seeing a lot of very big white words, but don’t remember them all. God was speaking also throughout seeing these words. I remember feeling strongly God was saying it’s time. I asked God and even got excited bc I felt I heard him say, “Yes it’s time.” I remember feeling the excitement.

I woke seeing the face of Jesus this morning instantly on a pillow design sooo clearly. I still see his face a lot esp when my heart is very open to him and not wrestling him. I don’t know why sometimes I am stubborn with him, but when he hunts me down despite my flaws man that melts my heart. I love him so much for not walking away from me. He is stronger then anyone in this world, not just with spiritual strength, but love for us. God told me a while ago, “He is sending me a strong man from the strong one”, so I know this guy will be spiritually strong with love like Jesus for me. According to my visions, Jesus is inside him too. My focus has went off all the guys I loved in the past, to the one who is coming. In God’s eyes I realize now, I am already married. He is my chosen husband from him.

I dreamed I was at a basketball game and a lot of people and I was getting stuff out of a van and some guy asked me to take the twin mattress in bc it was mine to sleep on inside the gym. I asked another guy if he could help me and ended up saying well one person can really do it, so the guy lifted it over his shoulders and took it in for me. I remember in this building my task was to watch this very tall dark metal thing for someone else.

Another dream I was hearing God talking about the wisdom of prophets and he was giving me insights into things to tell this guy I knew to preach about. He was going to preach on prophets. He was gonna travel oversea’s to preach and I was going with him bc I had the wisdom or words from God to help. I remember thinking why am I not just preaching with all the wisdom God gave me, but this man who can’t hear God is. It gave me encouragement to want too also, but not sure if that is God’s desire for me yet. I remember he was funny and a great speaking voice and I think he could sing too, but not sure who he was. He had a strong single type personality. I honestly don’t know who he was or if he was someone I knew. I remember my mom standing on the porch sad bc I was leaving and she wanted me to go with her, but I told her I had to go with him. I guess I kind of get why God takes his time sometimes, not all around you are ready for you to leave them. I love my mom very much and never want to see her hurting. I worry about her all the time. She just doesn’t understand prophecy or my calling yet, because she doesn’t believe in prophets for today. I know God is working on her, like he had to open my eyes to it also.

I heard my sister Tonya preaching in a church and she was loud with a strong voice and that is her lol, but she was making everyone laugh. It was a small church like our old church we used to all go too. This was God showing me all of my families callings finally. My mom and dad will have two preachers and two prophets in their four children. Ofc it’s up to them to follow the calling or reject it. I do believe God can give more then one calling or assignment at various times for his purpose.   God has told me I am not only a prophet and dreamer, but preacher, teacher and he called me a watchmen. God is changing and realigning our family and all our suffering was never in vain. It’s for a greater purpose.