Jesus Reveals – Seeing As His Watchmen


I saw a vision of Jesus kneeling down near the dirt ground as if he was figuring out his next move. Then later I saw “Align” and I also heard things in the spirit a sound I never heard before but I knew it to be like an awakening noise of some kind spiritually. He’s getting ready to align and awaken things on earth. Below I talk more about my role as his prophetic watchmen and why he is revealing certain things to me.

Vision: I saw a young girl with no hair and a dark possibly black t-shirt on standing by a woman sitting in a chair. I believe this young girl had cancer. Sometimes I think God reveals who I pray for in the spirit with these visions of many people and sometimes they showed me people I would meet in the near future. I believe this time I was praying for this little girl spiritually.
Heard another prophecy drop.
Heard my sister say my name and every time I hear someone like this….I feel it’s their spirit calling out to me.
Vision: I saw a man’s wrist and hand only and he had a off white long sleeve sweater type shirt that the sleeve seemed torn and he was messing with it.
Dream a lot of a guy I don’t feel love for, but I am with him a lot. He seems to be in charge, and I do what he say’s but don’t like it lol. This man does not feel like the strong man, but tbh idk who he is.

Two dreams of a funeral with someone who died in my family. It didn’t feel like people close, but one funeral I saw my Aunt N and her very large family all huddled around a tv watching memories of this person. The other funeral this same guy was with me, and I wanted to leave early but he said I probably should not. I didn’t feel again I was even with him.

The Role of His Watchmen:
So, God has been revealing to me about my role more as his “watchmen” and tbh I was not sure how much that linked to being prophetic, but apparently a watchmen is a prophet who see’s ahead to warn or reveal. This is a specific type of prophet. He made me learn this with real world examples again.  He wanted me to learn more in depth. I saw him working in me to correct other’s, but most people hate this and don’t quite understand the role of a prophet. They also are somewhat blind spiritually to understand, so this has been a challenge for me to learn. Several post back Jesus showed me a vision of himself in a watch tower and then he said, “You Are A Watchmen.” Back then I thought oh cool…but what is that lol I kinda let it go and just focused on revealing all he showed me. Now I am starting to understand it is much more then just revealing things God say’s and very important. The role of watchmen is to me the one who has to be on guard the most, ready to watch for the Lords position or direction to give to his people. This explains why he say’s, “be ready or are you ready?” a lot to me.

The watchmen sit in the watch tower and warn of things to come or they reveal things to come or even things about a person they see spiritually wrong. So if I am doing something wrong now, I feel it 10 times more then ever before. If I am not doing right with God, he let’s me know I have a responsibility and am an example in my calling. Jesus said we must be ready at all hours, because you never know when he will come to give a message (Read the article link below for more on that with scripture). This has been so true for me. He comes when he comes and not when I tell him. If we don’t tell other’s the messages or the corrections he say’s, it can result in a bad outcome for them and us. Prophets were put in charge of judging nations, annointing Kings and warning the people. For me, so far God has been showing what he is up too for his people, but he keeps trying to move me into territory I am not so adamant on moving too.

A prophet spiritually corrects the church (all his people and even large church groups) who may be blind to an incident or situation. God uses a prophet to bring about weeds, and the Lord will cut them so they can start to bear fruit again.  Prophetess Deborah was one example of this and judged nations. However, righteous judgement in a loving way is all our responsibility to help others. This puts them back on track, so it’s not a bad thing like people think. People always say, Why can’t God do it for me? The fact is, not all are that spiritually close to God yet to see with spiritual eyes or what’s going on with him. Prophets move ahead for a reason and they were trained to do so. Correcting other’s is the part I do not like nor Jesus, but this is the part that he say’s is necessary to help others reach higher with him. We never do this in anger, resentment or bitterness, but always in love. Sadly, many reject it and are comfortable planted the way they are. One thing I learned in this walk with him, never get comfortable lol This world is temporary and the spirit moves like the wind sometimes. However, I get to see his next move ahead of time and that part I do love.

Another thing God has been showing me is he is telling me people’s calling for him. I think we can have more then one calling, but these are the main calling I believe. He told me all of my families and my friend Rodin (The Wise Rodin ). God told me Rodin was a “Seer” and that makes sense to me. That man knows all about prophecy and he understands things spiritually ahead like I have never seen before that align with what Jesus shows me. It’s up to all of them to walk in their calling also and confirm this with him ofc. He will confirm it as they start to walk in it more and more. I still have so many questions about my annointing, but I think this could be part of it…I know in time he will reveal more.

So to answer any questions for prophets/watchmen as to why you may have misunderstandings with your family/others more? Most people close to you may not understand or see you in the role God chose for you. At least not in training. A prophet is without honor in his own home. If they are not spiritually close to God or trying to be, they won’t be able to understand why you changed and your new roles. They may not be able to go where God is taking you either. He asked all prophets at some point to leave or he took their home land from them, but later restored. Nothing can hinder a prophet and messages from the Lord or it will be moved away. I think this is why he isolated me from going to church buildings also, because many are so corrupted with wrong truth and religious rituals and I struggle to sit there now without saying something. I see too much now and so far he has not called me to do that yet. This calling is not easy. Ezekiel 33:6

Different Roles of Prophets: