Jesus leading lines of followers

Dream of Jesus Leading Groups of Followers To New World


I had a couple visions of the Lord and then a very deep dream that matches my last dream I had last post.

Heard in the spirit: “God does not tend to do anything outside his will.”

Vision: I saw a vision of the Lord in his white robe feeding a sheep under a stable and he was smiling at this sheep. To go with this, I walk in my kitchen directly after and see this stamp that said…Sealed with a smile! I knew without a doubt the Lord was reminding us once we are his that no one can take us out of his hands. We are sealed with a smile!

Vision: I saw the Lord washing our dirty clothes. He was sitting on the ground in his white robe with very rich strong tones of shades in it and scrubbing these dirty clothes that I knew was our sins. He wipes us clean, so our sin we should never ignore. He suffered for that sin and he still loves us despite. I saw him looking down with no smile on his face, so I know it was not something pleasing to him, but he did it out of love for us. We should love him enough not to make him have to wash our dirt away. I felt sad to see him do that.

Dream: I saw two worlds…the old and new being transformed
The lord came to earth to lead the groups into the new world he was creating. He again had his robe on. I am not sure if they were the same world and just being transformed and two different worlds, but I saw the old and the new. He was walking and his followers were following in single file line again with a long line of them behind him. This was very similar to the dream I had last post, so he was repeating it. The first group was faithful to certain things like the sabbath or lent and kept it holy, but I knew this meaning actually meant the acts they did out of love for the Lord and not the religion itself. They were faithful in fasting, praying and worshipping God as some examples. To go with this I saw a woman in a separate vision getting on her knee’s in a catholic church and putting her head and hands to the ground and worshipping the Lord fully surrendered. Basically the impression was the ones who took him serious in specific groups or order. It was never about religion, but God saw the hearts and devotion…the fully surrendered followers. There were people who were sad bc he was not taking them. The old world again looked empty and dark. I remember feeling a strong impression it was sooner then we think. The world was getting worse and he was coming to fix it. This goes with the last dream of also not being lukewarm.

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