Vision: Jesus Showed His Scar


Vision: I woke to a vision of Jesus standing sideways with his white robe and this time his head was not showing or below his ankles. I saw him holding a white piece of paper looking at it. I saw the hand holding it with the scar from the nail and it was healed, but still showed a scar that stuck up a bit as a reminder. This was not the palms, but the back of his left hand. I saw behind him a glowing light, bright like a golden sunset. This white paper he was holding I believe was something important to him as a reminder. Like a kings decree that can’t be undone, or something important to him and possibly went with his scar from the nails that went through his hands for those he predestined to be his. His focus was this paper as if it was important. I think it may mean something different for some of us. This vision was more slower this time, so I could see details more clearly. Was a beautiful vision with the glow behind Jesus and his bright white robe. He wanted to make sure we saw the scar he took for us, because of his love for us. Please think about what he did for you out of love.

I heard/saw some things in the spirit at different times that could go with this paper message. Many of these messages were about land, so that paper could be a contract of some kind and could represent a promise he made to you.
I heard: The land – and it is the land Jehovah Jireh put together.
“Paper clip”
“You have been tested”
Another night God woke me speaking words of faith, encouragement and trust. I also heard “Wait on the Lord”

Vision: I saw Jesus in his white robe and my chosen husband standing on land staring out over a valley with fog or dew over tree’s or the land looking over a cliff. It felt like tree’s were under the fog or dew.
I heard other very specific things about land I don’t feel I should share on here.
Vision: I saw shekels coming off both my wrist.
Vision: I saw a group of us being moved by God. We were moving.
Vision: I saw Jesus face like he was casting things out and smiling.
Vision: I saw Jesus sitting in the front seat of a car and I was in the backseat. He turned his face to listen to me. I saw the side of his head and the focus was his ear like he was listening. He hears his people.

Dream: I saw many of us sitting in a line of college desk as students and these chinese looking men and woman who were very wise and discerning came and spoke over us all while moving systematically forward on both sides. I didn’t hear everything, but one said I had allergies and then said something else it felt in spirit, another said something like God willed something in my life and another said Trust the lord. These people did not seem like they were from earth. They felt like they were heavenly beings. There were many of them moving on both sides of us speaking over us.
Vision: I saw a vision of a King eating ice cream with rings on. There is significance to this with a King making a decree with the ring he uses to stamp it and seal it. This next day I was eating vegan sugar free ice cream outside talking to the Lord and the vision popped in my head as a reminder.
Dream: Someone showed me something on a card that said prophet and I didn’t feel like I was or good enough.