Vision: Jesus Coming With Sword & His Army


Many of the visions below of Jesus are talking about when he comes back to save his people. They are confirmation of other prophecies. It also talks about the banquet he will have with those who are his after he takes up his followers. I am amazed that I found an image that matches so closely. Please also see the food shortage dream.

Vision: I saw Jesus coming as a King like he was ready to fight against evil. He had a king crown on. He had a white robe on with a blue robe over it and it looked like red was under it, so this was two meanings I believe. It looked layered. I saw white horses and his multitude of army coming behind him. In his right hand he held up a gold sword and there was a gold light shining bright behind him. He was smiling as he was coming and giving a command it felt like. The smile I felt was him happy to finally get his people. I knew they were coming out of the clouds or sky because I saw white around them like the heavens opened up. It was like a huge circular path that opened up and they were behind Jesus coming out of it all in white and white horses. I believe this vision has a double meaning, because of the way God brought me Ezekiel 33:3 shortly after this vision and the multi-colored robe. I believe this is a meaning of him coming to judge to fight against evil and it is also for his watchman to warn when they see the sword coming or if they see evil coming. Strangely, I could clearly see both meanings in it. I knew it was for me and this role he had set for me, but was also for the end times that he will come with a great multitude to fight against darkness. This was not my first time seeing a vision of him like this. It’s so amazing how I am thinking nothing about this and he gives me such detailed visions that match scripture. I have a very short term memory, but God doesn’t let me forget. It’s a reminder that our savior keeps his word and will put an end to evil on earth.

Ezekiel 33:1-3 Again the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 2Son of man, speak to the children of thy people, and say unto them, When I bring the sword upon a land, if the people of the land take a man of their coasts, and set him for their watchman: 3 If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet, and warn the people;

Scriptures about Jesus with the sword: Revelation 1:16-18 KJV
Revelation 19:14, KJV: “And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.”

I want to share a video for those visual about the anti-christ and his coming to fool us. I’ve seen him in many dreams since elementary school and he has hated me I could tell. Please watch this to help prepare to know the difference that Jesus will come in the clouds with his army:

Vision: I saw a plague with the Jewish star (star of David) on it and Jewish writings. I saw gold praying hands beneath that. This looked like it was in the same place as the banquet vision below. (God as protector – Shield of David) There is also some idea this star is used as a representation of the star that led us to Jesus. I believe it has multiple meanings.

Vision: I saw Jesus sitting down at a banquet table. He had a short sleeve white robe on this time with a gold belt. His hair seemed more cleaned up and shorter to his neck like he had a hair cut for the occasion. He had a king hat made out of some kind of natural resource this time like wheat or something. He was sitting down to eat with others at this feast.

Vision: Directly after I saw a vision of his feet and he had on dark sandals.

Saw: And I art fail you not. (I hope I got this correctly, but that’s what I remember. I understood him though, that he would not fail us.)
Saw: You’ll yearn for the calling
Heard: I woke to hearing my mom yelling, and told me my husband was on the phone. I heard this in the spirit. I thought when I woke fully, I don’t have a husband yet? That’s how real it seemed.

Dream About Food Shortage: Something hit an apartment building windows and people panicked. There was a loud boom. Then people were going to the grocery quickly to store up on food before there was another food shortage. This was right at Christmas time or directly after. God has not confirmed a year, but it felt this year. Not sure if this boom or whatever broke those windows was related to the food shortage dream or they were separate events around the same time.

Dream; A teacher was abusing someone’s nephew. It was a man teacher and he wore a gray suit. He was also an abused child. He was scaring his classroom in some way. He thinks beating them is discipline but it’s not God’s way. That is the message from God. We are teachers to lead, encourage and bless, not to hurt others, control or condemn.

Dream: I was talking to a couple about to be married. I was trying to help them. The girl was too immature to the man and the man was too controlling to the girl. I told them…You have to solve your problems by coming to a peaceful abode. He was a doctor older and she was younger and upset at the way he treated her. He chose a house on a hill for them without letting her look inside first and decide, so she was upset. She had lighter strawberry blonde hair.

Dream: I dreamed of a couple that lived in an apartment and they had a couple young boys elementary school. This girl was my friend and she was very busy worked a lot in her family and at her job. She took on more then the guy. They were going to move because she got a new job and paid better. Her husband cheated and they were working on their marriage. I could tell it still bothered her. I remember trying to make her laugh. They were moving to Arizona and would not have friends there. I was there for one of her sons birthday parties and one of the neighbors boy was helping me down the stairs. It seemed like a poor apartment area. I saw she had brown leather shoes that had layers of leather straps on the top front of the foot part.