Jesus Said: Come Out Of Darkness


I heard the Lord say “Come Out Of Darkness” and this goes with his recent theme he has been speaking of lately of that he comes as the Light. He calls his people out of darkness and into his light. It’s so amazing how he continues to speak/teach these things into existence that matches the word. You have to realize my mind is on other things when he speaks these things or I am just waking up…can you not see these are not my thoughts at the time he speaks? This is when you realize how real God is, when he starts to speak his words to you (consistently) that are not your own thoughts/words and you see them come to life from scriptures and some you read years ago and forgot them. God brings it to our remembrance, what is important to him or needed at the time to help build up our spirits and faith. It’s not by our own works!

1 Peter 2:9
“But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:”

Vision: To go with darkness/light theme—I saw Jesus at a distance hovering over the land with darkness around him, but he was bright and had his white robe on. I saw his full figure looking at me more serious this time.

Vision: I was chatting with someone online and that night God gave me a vision of his past dog before I went to sleep. I told this man about this dog’s description and he confirmed it.
Vision: I saw a preacher preaching with wrong motives and was getting tired of preaching and people could tell, especially those close to him.
Vision: I saw many rows of cars with people in them being detoured around and through the church bc the main road was closed for construction. Keep in mind God’s people are his church, not a building. If your paying attention to Jesus words, you will see that all throughout the bible. The body is the temple, and walls do not make up his church, but the people do. Be led by the spirit.
Vision: I woke to this vision feeling like everything was shaking with it and saw storm clouds, like wide storm clouds. It was almost like an earthquake. I had this vision around the 25 or 26th.
Dream: I was trying to revive 3 bodies of one woman and two men who were drowning in a lake and they were all in white, which meant they were part of the body of Christ. I was hiding them from an enemy nearby.
Dream: I was sitting around a lunch table and people that used to be my freinds no longer liked me because I was different now. Everyone was leaving and I had to find my jacket to leave and for some reason had more then I thought with me and found another one. I was leaving with 3 jackets now. I felt this was saying we loose many friends on earth due to following Christ, but then gain so much more.
Dream: I saw a mexican man and his crew killing people that knew things. There was a women with dark wavy hair in a fancy white or off-white dress or fancy styled outfit and something to do with a painting. He killed her by stabbing her chest and blood went down her dress on the concrete staircase to this big 2 story mexican styled home. It felt like a warm climate area. It felt like she was in a relationship with this man originally somehow. The yard was big and well kept, like this person had money. This felt kind of like a mafia crew. There may have been fields nearby. These people run through these fields possibly to try and get away. It felt like they killed more then the woman. God See’s All!!