God Talks About The Strong Man

God seems to answer more when I talk about the strong man he is sending and I asked about him and God said: Strong is saying I do and strong all day long.
Heard: God loves you
Dream: Saw a line of cars like coming home from work and many people in them and I was riding a bike and somehow I knew none of them think about God, so I felt his sadness.
Dream: I dreamed of Rodin and me in living room talking about God and he mentioned God revealed something to him about how this life will have troubles, but God showed him with a scripture with the word “home” in it that our home is not here and temporary, but that scripture confirmed it was gonna be better in heaven. Rodin is extremely deep when it comes to scriptures (like hebrew meaning deep) and God has given him so much wisdom and would confirm things with me. It is amazing how God works between us. He is a very good hearted man and friend.