Heard “God Loves You”

Heard again a voice say “God Loves You” John 3:16
Vision: An older man half bald
Vision: Sister holding a puppy and she had headphones on in her car.
All day today I was seeing something God was showing me. He was showing me so many of the words he already said to me throughout all my entries. Everywhere I went. I felt him say it to my spirit, then he showed it and was weird I kept trying to get home but felt pulled every which way. I can’t remember all the words I saw, but some are: Royal, Queen, Restoration, Star, Gold, Golden, Strong, Wedding, Joy and can’t remember other’s. But wow he was making sure I saw them. I also saw a few images of him on the ground in certain places I looked and I do this often. I’ve been really busy, so my mind has been on other things more, but you can’t get away from him if you truly pay attention he is always speaking to us and I kinda love that about him 🙂