Jesus Hugged Me 3 Times

I was dreaming I was sitting on a couch and watching TV and felt arms wrap around me from behind and hug me. I knew it was Jesus the second time and I said thank you Jesus for the hug and he hugged me again. He felt strong, yet loving. I love his hugs and can’t stop thinking ab it. Then of course satan tries to ruin it every time God does something nice, by showing me on the tv a women and man sitting on couch and he turned into a huge snake, then a rhino and was opening his mouth to eat the women.
Vision: Saw a dark gray lizard on ground curled like he was sleeping and just waking up with black patterned spots and the dragon I saw a while ago was exact same way.(See Below About Dragons)
Dream: Was dreaming of being involved with ppl who had demons and was not aware, but me and my friend knew so we were trying to get away from them. Was like a popular show that wanted fame, but I did not want to participate and helped someone else realize they were bad.
Vision: Saw a nest inside something square and it shifted a bit, then after it shifted it showed the blue egg cracked open and no yolk inside, then I heard the words “18 times
Heard: You don’t partner because it’s easy, but because you learn.
Vision: Saw a metal type house frame that said “Life Star
Heard: Fiesta Nacho Mia Dia….Is Jesus having nachos at the wedding feast lol
Dream: Sister was in black attire with leather whip and attacking me from behind and I blew up like puffer fish while we laughed lol We used to play a game a lot and this kinda seems like me missing that more.
Bible Truth that explains “Was Satan Originally A Dragon in the Garden of Eden”
Gen. 3:14, The LORD God said to the serpent (NÀKHASH), “Because you have done this, cursed are you among all animals and among all wild creatures; upon your belly you shall go, and dust you shall eat…” Did God change the dragon form satan used into a snake that now had to go on it’s belly? Read this article I found that shows original hebrew meanings.