Jesus Kneeling At A Beach


Vision: Jesus was kneeling at a beach looking out into the ocean. He had a white robe on and tan sleeveless tunic. (I was planning on going to the beach with my sisters, but decided not to go. This image and many things we say and do I realized he is watching and listening to it all and makes it known to us.
Vision: I saw an image of Jesus in a crown and black line art on top of a box of silverbiotics a med I take sometimes as a natural antibiotic.
Vision: Saw a white stone shell heart.
Words: I saw “…God(
Words: I saw “Get Ready
Words: This is a little sketchy bc I can’t remember the words exactly, but it was along the lines of “Spend time with Jesus or More Time with Jesus
Vision: I saw a fire floating across the outside of some wooded tree’s.
Yesterday Words: I saw “1 tither star 1
Yesterday Vision: Saw blood coming into basement from ceiling.