Vision of My Wedding


I had a vision of my wedding and the guy I believe God has for me. I saw him in a tux and I was in a wedding dress dancing with someone while he was talking to someone else and it was very crowded. I had a veil over my head, but could not see my dress.
Vision: I saw a guy hugging a girl she had brown hair and hair in a bun, but I did not see who they were. They were sitting on like a picnic blanket.
Dream: I was trying to heal my sister’s migraines by laying hands on her, but wasn’t sure exactly how to do it. We ended up moving to a quiet room and I saw a vision of Jesus while praying in tongues for her and told her it was normal to see him.
Dream: Some kind of mission on a boat with a group of ppl and we had to defeat enemies.
Dream: College dorm where people needed places to sleep and kids and they needed help.