Saw the word “gold”


Saw the word “gold
God repeated “As strong as an ox” with his description of the strong man he is sending.
Dream:Spiders attached to shoes.
Dream:3 robbers broke in as I was moving and they were holding my ex forcing him to take a pill. He looked at me and said It’s gonna be ok don’t worry” right then I got down on my knees to pray for him and asked Jesus to help then they left.

Saw C_748…instant message with these numbers starting out but was large number.
Vision:Jesus looking straight in front of me realistic.
Dreamed I was struggling and my ex came back around again to help
But it was end of world and these were tall dark towers that were coming from ground shooting up high putting off black smoke…I feared for the end but everyone else was just worried ab getting kids to sports or activities. I saw evil in their face.
God was speaking more to me but I can’t remember what he said.