These Men Are Building Tiny Homes For Homeless


I came across these two stories and my heart almost dropped. These two men are building tiny home communities for the homeless and this was kinda a dream of mine for so long. God reminded me of this dream. I may not be in a position to help them, but maybe some of you can support them. The guy in L.A. is being denied building tiny homes for the homeless saying it’s not safe, but what the heck…i guess living on streets with high crime is…grrrrrrrrrrrr what is wrong with that government not wanting to help it’s people! If I was there, I would have a lot to say to them, but God has his hand in this and I can see that. I am gonna do all I can with posting these around, but I hope you’ll can also. If we get the word out enough, maybe it will help. Please if you can help them…I am leaving two video links below to their stories.

Man being denied to help homeless in L.A.

facebook page ….

Pastor builds tiny home community for homeless in OR.