Vision: Jesus With Hands Raised In Clouds


Vision: I had a vision of Jesus and he was moving in different spots on the clouds with his hands raised like he is working or orchestrating something. Once I saw his face and the other two times he was facing away with his hands raised like doing some powerful work. He had his white robe on again. There is something good getting ready to happen, I can feel it. It’s strange, but I feel it and messages I am getting seem to point to that in weird ways. I have not shared these messages, bc I am waiting for confirmation of those. I got my hopes up before and it seemed everything fell apart, so now I just wait. I know I am going through long-suffering and trials. That’s part of being close to the King. I just wonder sometimes if it ever ends. I have had many ppl walk away from me, everything taken where I am down to the bare minimum, and attacks like you would not believe. Thank God I know why and I pray I can stand my ground with Jesus the one I love to the end. I got a treasure in him, despite what the world throws at me. I know it’s to make me stronger in him and he is becoming stronger in me. That’s our treasure. I wanted a home for my son, and that was kinda the last thing to give me some hope, but now not even that will make me happy. Our true home is not here! The world only gives temporary pleasures, and it only has taken away from my happiness. Only Jesus gives me hope. So with that said God did remind of a dream I had and there is some joy in doing for others…my next post will be about a dream I used to have about making tiny homes for the homeless…It really will inspire you!
Saw the word “Trust” on something, but could not make out what it was. This is sometimes his response to things I ask. lol
Vision: I saw a vision of a painting with two flowers with earth tone colors. They kinda curved over a bit and the leaves were in the center. Very simple drawing.
Vision: I saw a shining rock on top of a building like a very tall business building. It was dark gray with shiny windows. The rock was inside a seashell and got really bright.
Dream: I dreamed lions were kept away from someone bc they used windmill hands and it scared the lions. I believe this was a girl.
Dream: It was snowy outside and I saw my dog lilly and pandi and not sure if another dog was there, they went up to this eagle on the ground as if they all got along. I see this very big bright blue bird in the snow and pick it up. I was putting it up on a deck, and then it turned into a little girl and she needed help with her homework. It seemed she was smarter then me even at that point.