God said “Faithful”


God said “Faithful” ….God is faithful to us and we should love him enough to want to be faithful in return. You will find that man will let you down, but God will be there always and faithful to his words. It’s a true relationship, so you can be honest with him. Pretty sure he already knows the truth anyways (winks) We can’t lie to the holy spirit and the more honest we are with God, the more he can help us. He is faithful to forgive, he is faithful to love, he is faithful to his promises, he is faithful to never leave us.
Psalms 89:2 For I have said, Mercy shall be built up for ever: thy faithfulness shalt thou establish in the very heavens.
Psalms 36:5 Thy mercy, O LORD, [is] in the heavens; [and] thy faithfulness [reacheth] unto the clouds.
Hosea 2:20 I will even betroth thee unto me in faithfulness: and thou shalt know the LORD.
More scriptures on God’s Faithfulness: https://sarata.com/bible/verses/about/faithfulness.html
Dream of sitting on ground and staring at stars with family. Then I started seeing the stars doing strange things and no one else could see it. I saw them first shooting across the sky, and then they evaporated into clouds with zig zag type vertical lines into diamond shapes and then they formed into homes. I took this as God is creating many homes for his people.
Vision: I saw a light coming towards me. I was sleeping and woke and saw it. I am not sure if it was a car, but there were black all around other then this light coming towards me.
Vision: I saw a man sipping coffee at a table reading a newspaper. He had his hair brushed back and a cream colored man’s sweater on. His hair was gray but looked possibly blonde also.
Saw the words “Cliffton” and I saw this in a game I play later that day.
Vision: I saw a piece of aluminum foil with a burnt out hole in it.
Words: I saw “Unbelief” I think I know why I saw this that day. So many do not believe God or that he can actually speak today to his own children…yet anything is possible with God right? He desires to guide us, but unless we are like a child and believe him like a father…then it is impossible to please him. Even if not, he gives another way by asking him for help to believe. Like he said to me a long time ago, “Do you trust me?” I had to put aside everything I learned and trust him despite what I did not know and who did not believe me. I went on the narrow road with him, despite all that came against me and the sadness I endured. I had to say, “I still trust you Lord.” This is what he loves and his desire for his sons and daughters to be like, just as any father wants from his children. To be respected, trusted and loved.
Dream: I dreamed of a guy friend I was gonna meet and I met him in the game that day. I meet a lot of ppl in this game and witness to them, so a lot of what I see and describe is predictions before it happens in this game.
Dream: Saw friend moving in with a girl in the game. This girl did ask him to move in with her a couple days later, but he said no.