Saw “Nate” A Third Time


I woke to see “Nate” for a third time. I saw the first line say “UPDATE-Nate” and then the second line showed “ULI-Nate.” This was all in white letters again. Nate means (gift of God) in hebrew. Not sure what this means exactly yet, but I know in time God will reveal it’s meaning. Some things he gives us right away and other’s he is building a story for the right timing I have noticed. I am not sure if this is the “Strong Man’s” name as I know God has changed names of ppl he converted many times in the bible, so only time will tell if God is using his earthly given name.
Nate Name Meaning:
Dream: I dreamed of using a particular shampoo on my hair. I woke in rl right after this dream and went into the kitchen to hear my son talking to my sister about wanting this very type of shampoo and he showed me a pic on his phone. I was like wow, I was just dreaming of that. I want to point out I could not hear my son talking to her as I use sleep sounds loud enough to block out noise. Otherwise, I will wake at any little noise. Little predictions…not sure what they mean, but kinda cool when this happens. I have done this several times if you go back and read my entries.
Dream: I dreamed of a row of tree’s and every 3rd tree had white chains on it and I was with a crowd in a pool party scene, and I tried to tell them but no one saw it. I looked again and those same tree’s were in white locks with chains now. Tree’s have been represented as people in the bible and God is the one who can break any chains off of us. This is a similar dream to my others where ppl were in a pool and no one saw what God showed me, but it seemed they also had some gifts and not sure if they were using them. Chains can be from past pain, or past verbal abuse, addictions, restrictive religious beliefs, or anything holding you back from hearing and receiving from the Lord fully. Remember, God is a spirit and anything is possible if you believe he said. Do not restrict him by what you learned from man, learn from your father personally.
Dream: A guy was being evil towards woman and he looked like he had a girl in a leash and he cut off her arm(possibly symbolism of restricting her to do things or making things hard on her to do or succeed). I believe this was a guy I talked with in the social game that I met that day. I won’t go into personal details, but I got an opportunity to witness to him and he was a DOM type. I did not share this with the guy, as he is not ready to believe in things God shows through others yet. We plant the seeds…God does the harvesting and gets glory.
Dream: I dreamed of my friend Rodin again driving a car and something to do with a girl causing chaos and trouble bc she did not get her way. I saw a truck coming towards us and I knew it was trouble, so I ran and told him to run. I saw her in the truck with this guy and knew she would come bc she was in trouble. We got in the car and i told my friend to get ready she is coming. It also had something to do with her helping in our business, but could not trust her.
Dream: I dreamed of something about having a new home and I had to give it to another girl, and not sure if this is my past things, or something new. I believe I was going to get something else though.

Travis: I just wanted to say I am sorry for pushing you away.  I blame myself for you wanting to leave.  I should have trusted God more and not my fears.  I don’t know your purpose in my life, but I know you left a huge imprint on my heart.  I pray you are well, healed, and happy!