Jesus Was Teaching & Gave Sister A Dream


I dreamed I was sitting in a circle teaching a group of people how to speak in the spirit and all of a sudden I started speaking in tongues, and they did also.  I could feel the presence of God powerful in it.  Then I started having visions of Jesus as me doing it.  I was now him sitting in the circle teaching the group how to speak in tongues.  Jesus said, Abide in me and I in you…(John 15:4-5) and that is why he shows himself as me sometimes.  We have to become one with him truly.  Jesus had his white robe on and seemed extra pure and white…almost like glowing.  He wants to express that speaking in the spirit is vital to hearing him, feeling him, seeing him, and understanding more.  It is the key to activate your spirit stronger.  We need it for help also. We are here fighting not just against flesh but also things unseen, so ofc we need to learn how to do this by spirit and not just flesh. (Ephesians 6:12 KJV)  I will write on this more in another post, bc God wants us to understand why this is so important.


God gave my sister a dream of the counterfeit strong man and it was a very similar dream he gave me same night.

My sisters dream:  She said this guy had buzzed brown hair and we thought he was the strong man bc everything matched so perfect with what God showed me.  Both my sisters went into his closet and they saw a name of Terri S. and she said she knew this meant his last name was “Strong.” She said he was a believer and seemed like he was the one, but one day we went to his house and he was partying and the true him came out.  In the end she said I knew he was not him and showed confidence in my decision.

My dreams:  I have had several dreams of two different guys the last few days.  So much that I am gonna try to sum it up.  The one I had the same night as my sister was a guy at a party and it was like I just graduated from something.  Not sure if this is spiritual graduation or getting through trials graduation.  There was a guy there and I know he liked me and I liked him but wasn’t sure I could trust him to be the one.  He gave me a high-five for graduating.  I walked away to avoid him.  Another dream I was laying with a guy and there was another guy and we were at a party.  I was confused which was the one, but it appeared I was trying to impress the other guy.  There were other dreams of me with a guy and all similar…he kept trying to get closer, but I did not want too. Other dreams I had of a guy liking me, but I was not sure ab him.  I knew God would make it “clear” when he sends the one.  These guys appeared to be in 30’s, maybe mid-late, but I am horrible with ages so my sisters keep telling me lol.

Words: I wrote down these words I heard from one of these dreams….”You will know when it’s from the Lord.”


Vision: I first had a vision of a female in a hospital bed and she was very sick.  She had blond hair and was looking away sad.  My second vision was right after this, so I think they could be tied together.  I believe I saw the strong guy standing by against a wall or something.  He may have been sad ab this girl who was possibly dying.  He had dark hair pulled back in a bun or ponytail  with a dark goatee and dark clothes on.

Heard: I heard a man’s voice say” It’s easier with Lem” and I said, “It is easier with Lem”  I am not sure if I am spelling what I heard correctly. (Discerning this one)

Dream: I believe this dream was for a friend I was speaking with ab God…He was a psychology teacher.  This psy teacher was giving me a test and it was very hard.  It had front and back questions and it was a thurs, and I was supposed to finish it by next friday.  He told me I was not ready for it and I said….”I will do it everyday till I pass it.”  The test was so hard and had these things you had to do to fonts etc..also as well as answer questions.  I remember at first trying to do it in my own strength and I could not.  Then I heard God helping me, and I started getting it with his help….In this dream God was revealing without him, it will be much harder to get through…esp when the end world things start to come and I have seen how bad that will be.

Dream: I dreamed of marrying a guy from india or he was a different nationality but not sure exactly if he was indian.  He paid for me to go to the doctors bc I was sick.  Somehow I told my family he had money bc they asked, but was not sure if he did fully.  I ended up driving to take a break from him and remember there were some fears.  This dream could be more of a spiritual meaning, but not sure yet.

Visions: I had a few very quick visions back to back…A black screen flashed up with white words, but was too quick to read.  A quick vision of a biker outfit.  A quick vision of 3 cactus plants in white plantars all in a row.

Vision: I saw a vision of the bottom of a coffee box and had words on bottom that said, “HappinessWealth.”  This meaning could be a blessing coming.