God Showed Me A “Shift” Is Coming!


I had a vision of land and it was shifting left and right, and up and down. I have had another vision of a shift before, so I understood God’s meaning this time. There is a shift coming for some of us, and for those this pertains to – God will make it known to you also. I felt this was for other’s too and not just myself. This will be a change or moving to another location etc.. The fact I saw very green pastures means it’s a good shift to possibly new land.
Vision: I saw a cell phone with arabic type language on it, and it was the very last screen name on my friends list. I honestly did not write this vision down bc I thought nothing of it, but the next morning I saw that very same thing when I woke. I think a lot of my visions I am noticing are a day ahead after I dream.
Vision: “Trust Him” in white letters.
God said the next night “Trust” in very big white letters also. He is very big on trusting him, despite what we see with our eyes.
Vision: I saw a window and this can imply an opportunity. This was a mexican style window, so maybe for someone mexican or spanish or relating to that.
Vision: I saw a white board with a lot of square boxes with words in them, and then it zoomed into one box and I saw the word “Elite
Vision: I saw two different stone tablets with scriptures on them. One was a single stone and the other was a double.
Vision: A door closed and this shows something is being closed in our lives. A person, job etc…You will know what it means if it is for you.
Vision: I have had this new type of vision where I am feeling this persons presence while seeing the vision and it is very hard to explain, but they went into a closet to pray.
Vision: I saw a mixed colored man(a freind of mine) with dark hair and light skin and he had on clear glasses with black frames. I was not sure the meaning at first, but now I believe God showed me the glasses are symbolism.  It is saying he has clear views, but maybe some outside views are a bit dark. Maybe outside influences or something distracting you from all of God’s clear view.
Vision: I saw a man on a cliff and he had nowhere else to go except backwards and it had very little rock edge to stand on. He had no shirt on and he looked like he was hiding, and he peeked around the corner to see if someone was gone. I felt this was someone looking for him, because he was in trouble.
Dream: I dreamed of blood being spilled by family member who got hurt and my mom asked me to clean it up, and I got upset bc I felt she always asked me to do it. It was a lot of blood and a huge line even upstairs. I felt grossed out lol I was refusing so she got my son and his friend and they were having fun with it, but made a bigger mess. Then we all ran across some parking lot area through a very watery land area to a car we saw. I saw a pig and a bird flying down to be with the pig. The bird landed on the car at first. Then I threw some bloody meat to the pig and it devoured it. The bird loved the pig and kept wanting to be by it. (I see two separate meanings in this dream and both are for myself)