Vision: Jesus Smiling and Gold Rocks


I woke to a vision of Jesus face smiling out of my left side view and then I saw directly after a lot of gold tiny rocks spreading out and they became very bright and lighted like the sun. This meaning of gold dust I have seen prior in another vision and can relate to having spiritual values/talents or prosperous meanings. As always, allow God to confirm the meanings to you personally. He wants a personal relationship with you and any prophetic person that does not push you to seek out truth for yourself and hear Jesus for yourself, could be a false prophet. Jesus gets the glory and Jesus is the only way! Do you think God does not know how to speak to his sheep? Do you think he does not desire to speak to you? This is lies from satan and the only reason he allows prophets, is because some have not got to that point of learning how to hear and see yet. You need a deeper connection spiritually for that and renewing of your mind and thinking. God is the one who gets you there, but you have to do the seeking. It’s not that you can’t hear or see things from him, but you need to learn how to hear/see in the spirit like he ask. Ask, seek, and knock! Of course, we have all been given different gifts spiritually, and he will confirm your gift to you personally and consistently, but that does not mean we all can’t hear God at times we truly need too. You just may not hear/see as much as me, because my gift is different. I just met another girl in this game who also has heard God speak and she was asking if she could be prophetic. I also mentioned to her that, we all have different gifts and not all are prophetic, but God will confirm consistently if you are. You will not be able to deny it, or even run from it if it’s your time and your calling! God was consistent to make sure all my doubts were gone, bc my proof/confirmation is in abundance from him and for that I am greatful! However, this gift comes with much rejection and heartache more then most gifts I have noticed. So, this calling is not for everyone and God knows what gift is best for you personally! We all work together with our gifts as one body of Christ. Tbh, I mentioned this several times before, but I never asked to be prophetic or even believed it was for today according to what my church taught, so it was a shock when God started speaking. I struggled so much to hold on to my old beliefs that I had to get confirmation over an over lol. I also was taught really men should only be the preachers and speak. Then God comes along saying to me “Speak” and “Open your mouth and I will fill it” and “write it down.” Now I know better, never put God in a box ;p. All things are possible with God… Matthew 19:26!
Vision: I saw a website slide in and it showed the top half as blue and bottom as black. Then I saw the words on the blue part say “100% Job.
Vision: I saw again the words “on the way
Vision: I saw a smiley face and then the words “best overall!
Vision: I saw a screen name of “Scott=>lost” and I am not sure if this is his screen name or his real name. If someone is reading this named “Scott”, this could be God trying to reach you. Pay attention to him.
Heard: Prepared