Heard “Let The Fire In You Light Your Way To Jesus”


Saw the words “Enjoy” on a beach
Heard: Let the fire in you light the way to Jesus”

Hebrews 12:29: For our God is a consuming fire.

Saw three rows of words and the middle word said “Rose”
Vision: I had a vision of my eye with part of the middle with like ocean blue colors and then part of the outer with like bright fire colors.
Vision: I had a vision of a women’s face and she may have been mixed in color. She had wavy or curly hair and brown with dark eyebrows. I felt she was a witch or practicing witchcraft.
Vision: I had a vision of seeing one of my friends name online and as soon as I woke up…I saw his name online.
Vision: Had another vision of a lady with light brown skin and her eyes became glowy.
Dream: I saw my dog Lilly playing with another dog in a baby pool and she got her head stuck in a bucket under water and I was not sure if I could get it off to save her.
Dream: I dreamed my sister was getting married and was a small down to earth wedding. She was nervous and not even ready yet, but asking my mom something. I was running late and was the last one there bc I forgot to lock my car and roll up the windows.
Dream: I was going on a trip and there was a camper we were taking and one of my nephews was packing everything in it too full so I had to take it all out and redo it. There were other ppl planning trips also and one was going by plane. We stayed in a hotel where I remember seeing something coming from the ceiling in the shower and thought it was poison and not to use it.
Dream: Burger King was having some kind of promotion and all it’s employees were meeting there for it. This was all job related promotions.
Dream: I was at some get together where everyone was at tables eating and flowers on each table. My ex and his new girlfriend was there and she was kinda testing me on how smart I was and was bragging about how her mom was in finances. Felt like she was smart in that area too. Some guy sat next to me there and we were looking thru a microscope and he saw everything with many puzzle pieces in them. When I looked it was dark and blurry and I could not get a good focus. I know the meaning of this dream for myself and I know the focal point is important and some can see it while I could not.
Dream: I dropped off my sons to hang out with their dad and remember being upset I had to walk away and leave them.
I want to add…God has been speaking a lot to specific things I was asking or thinking and they are def encouragement for me. He will encourage us and remind us he is listening 🙂