Saw Jesus Statue & Praying Hands


Vision: I had a vision of Jesus as a white statue and he was faced sideways. Directly after I saw this I saw arms stretched across something like a bed praying on their knee’s and rain was coming down. I believe it was a girl’s arms, but not sure. I had this vision the other night. (Almost like saying a girl was praying on her knee’s with her hands on her bed and it was raining outside and she had a white Jesus statue also.)  If this is you Jesus heard your prayer.
Vision: I had a vision of talking to my mom about the flowers I got her for mothers day and I saw her holding red roses. I woke up and went up stairs and my brother had her a dozen red roses on the table lol. It came true 🙂
Dream: I was going through some obstacles and it seemed like I got tired of being told I can’t, so I wanted to fly and I did and it felt so good to rise up above everything holding me back. I flew so high and felt so free and peaceful.
Dream: Me and my sister was at some job like working together and there was something to do with our car breaking down and a guy came to help me fix it. We had some kind of trouble at the company, so they gave us money for our troubles.
Another thing came true that I am thanking Jesus for and this obstacle he has allowed me to learn a great lesson from. He also restored my heart back to me yet again. Thank you Jesus!