3rd Time God Spoke of “Strong Man”

Wow, ok now I am starting to really believe it. In a dream I had the other night, God said again “a strong man from the strong one.” God being the “strong one” That is three times I heard about this strong man in my dreams, and with everything I keep experiencing I am thinking God is up to something big. I honestly am not ready for anyone or even was thinking I could possibly be with someone and be happy again, but if he is from God I guess I can see some hope in that. I see things from God to prepare and open doors and tailored for you lately. I just feel it in my spirit they are from him. Daily encouragement. Last night I ended up going to feed homeless with my sister and some guy comes in who we both look at because he was cute and apparently staring at me according to my sister. So we both instantly think every strong guy could be him, so my sister decides to move over and make him stand by me after he comes over to our area to help pass out pizza. grrrr lol I started feeling idk if he is my type or I am not ready and felt a little uncomfortable. After I left I was like I don’t think that is him and just started feeling down again about being with anyone. I don’t know why God say’s he is sending someone, because I don’t know if I am good quality for a wife anymore tbh. I guess he knows best, even if I don’t feel it.