God Answered Me On Sadness


Every single time I go through extreme wrestling with God it seems he speaks louder or more directly. We suffer and are sad for the reason that our flesh is fighting our spirits. When we are “Wrestling with God” our flesh fights against him, but our spirits easily can surrender and understand him. Again, I was so down for a few days with battles and attacks. This time I went in shutdown mode. I did not talk much to anyone, even God at times. I said to God, “Why do you let me suffer and be sad so much?” and he answered. I had a vision of a letter with a title of “What’s made known is within my law.” Then the letter had another line blurred in main subject and a signature that I knew was from God. God really is answering my questions. This was a clear and good answer and he did give us all the answers in his word. He also has already made it known to me why I suffer more then others at this time. We just choose to ignore, forget, or not look it up or even not ask him personally and wait/look for his response. However, he understands in suffering sometimes we need him more and get blurred by what we see instead of the things we cannot see. Keep our eyes on the things above!
Vision: To go with this I had another vision of Jesus and he was in a circular type picture with clouds looking up with his hands folded. As if saying “Look to God & keep your eyes on the things above” Wow, his messages are so powerful and Jesus is our example to follow.
Dream: One of the things that got me down was this dream of me holding a baby girl and my ex and his family as well as my mom was around watching me hold her. She had a beautiful smile and very happy. I remember loving her but being sad bc she was not mine. I am thinking maybe a granddaughter. Not sure who this baby girl is that keeps popping up in my dreams, but she has a strong spirit lol I remember waking upset thinking I have to be around my ex again if this is my granddaughter. It was a painful thought to be grandparents wtih someone who rejected you and treated you so cruel. I did not see the strong man, so i thought will he ever come. Satan is good at messing with our minds. I did put my focus back on it with a beautiful story God led me to read that is similar to mine. She also went through her battles of the flesh like me before he came.
Supernatural Marriage: https://www.google.com/amp/s/deborahjheartofworship.com/2015/01/30/my-waiting-on-god-testimony/amp/