God said “Change is Coming”


Heard God say “Change is coming” He gave me two of these messages yesterday before he spoke this to confirm it.
Vision of a bottle and on the back said “No Look
Vision of a sign with the words “God is…” I don’t remember the whole message but I saw the words “EXIT” and then I saw them again. Then I felt the heavy spirit leave my body. God told the spirit to leave me.
Dream: A couple running from law and they got caught…something to do with ppl stealing from them and a restaurant and they had a baby.
Dream: A guy praying for his wife to come back in the state.
Dream: I was getting married but the guy said he could not marry right now for some reason. I was heart broken because it was the day of the wedding or before that he told me. I also had a broken foot in this dream and was frustrated the day after with my sisters bc I felt they did not care. I did not know who he was, but I did have a quick vision after this dream of a football player. Not sure if he is into football or sports or is a player. The meaning could be he is not ready and I am still broken.