Jesus Spoke About Value


I was in my deep sleep and heard him speak and it woke me. He said to me….”You have been taught that I come to restore value.” I was talking to him about how I felt like I don’t matter or no one really cared what I had to say or some would shut down my speaking or change the subject. Now I am valued because it’s him working through me and his words that give power. I never get tired of hearing him speak and he always encourages & reassures us. Our value or worth does not come from anyone but Jesus. He will give us value, his way, and in his time. And when I walked upstairs, I saw on a wrapper….”Long Lasting Value“…As soon as I got up I seen this, now isn’t that perfect confirmation. He also gives long lasting value. Paradise with him is forever, but now we live for just a moment.

To go with this: I went back to sleep and I dreamed I was in a crowded place and I was telling ppl God spoke to me, ofc some again did not believe me and some did. I somehow was in this classroom also where I remembered the words Jesus spoke above and the teacher was trying to teach, but I knew I had authority to teach over her, yet somehow I knew it was not yet my time to shine so I had to be humble.
In this same crowd was a bunch of babies and one was crying very loud about something, and then all the other babies started babbling. I realized they were speaking in the spirit (tongues) then the other baby stopped crying instantly. God at that point opened my eyes to something. We are more in spirit as babies and when they babble, they are really speaking to him in spirit like we do in tongues. This is why babies are so happy, they are fully dependent on God and speaking to him in spirit regularly. If we depend on God fully like Jacob wrestled with God and finally gave up, then God comes to our rescue. He will help the helpless. We are more spirit when babies, yet when we get older we forget where we came from. We are his and he is a supernatural God, otherwise how did we all get here.

Words I am seeing: Blossom and Jubilee