Jesus Working and God Protects


Vision of Jesus in his white robe with red sash and he was bending over working on something, but he looked up at me. His hair this time was cut shorter for some reason.

Jesus’ finished work is why we can pray powerful prayers:

Vision: I saw a faded sepia toned vision of a women picking something up on a dirt road.
Saw: Will Holliester
Vision: I saw a paragraph and at the end I saw the words “New Channel
Dream: Was dreaming ab dogs and my dad and he was living under water trying to survive. We could all breathe under water.
Dream: Dreaming of my ex and we had to wait in a 3 hour line and found another exit, but some girl stole my credit card from my purse and I instantly knew and asked her and she returned it. I said Jesus told me you did. Me and my ex in this dream also were tryin to complete a sewing assignment.
Dream: Was dreaming I had to go visit my older son, but had to go across water and we got in a big boat that was shaped like a shark and moved so fast, and on top of it was water under glass. It was kinda a cool new boat idea.
God Protects His People:———————————————————
I was dreaming I went to grocery store and my car would not start and I remember looking up and seeing a couple guys that I wasn’t sure if they were breaking in cars, but I didn’t trust them. I then saw a guy pull in next to me with a cowboy hat on and he acted like he knew me and he appeared famous. He smiled and went inside the grocery.
After this I woke around the same time my son walks to his car at his school. I felt I should pray for both my sons so I did. My son got home about 30 minutes later and told me he walked past two guys trying to break in a students car. He looked at them and they looked at him, but he kept walking and looked at his cell. He ended texting his friend who was still in school and they told the principal. I believe I was called to pray for my son’s protection and God protected him. He protects his people and I was thanking him so much for it.  There is power when we leave the protection of our loved one’s in his hands and pray when he calls us too.