Dear Future Husband-The “Strong Man” from God


Dear Future Husband-The “Strong Man” from God,

God guided me to write this so here is my letter to you Strong Man….Idk who you are, but I already have love for you bc of all God shared ab you to me. God told me you were praying on your knee’s for me and he showed me so much of our future wedding with him very much involved. He showed me you sitting on your porch with your red ball cap on. He showed me you would lean down to listen to me. He showed me two sack cloths with cut out hearts in them, meaning we both been tested through the fire. I asked him what kinda strong and he said “As strong as an ox.” I asked who you were and he said “Someone Special.” He prepares me for you daily as I know he is you also for me. I know your probably going through your trials too and I pray God gives you the strength daily you need to keep going like me. I have been through a lot in life also and not sure if I will be a perfect wife to you, but I will try to love you as Jesus say’s. I know he loves you and speaks to you too and he will work between both of us for his glory some day. I pray you come soon to me, because I struggle to fight another day with wanting to be by your side. Your probably doing stuff for the Lord too and I admire that so much. I hope some day to join a ministry together and help people see how real God really is and how he works through two people that love him. I love how God has prepared me to love you, when I thought I could never love or trust again. I pray your steps are guided to me and all counterfeits are dropped at your feet and mine. I pray your ears and eyes are open to God’s call as he leads you to me. Can’t wait to meet you strong man and I will always love you!

Your future Wife from God,