Demonic Attacks

This is not something I like to talk about often and was avoiding it tbh, but with the gift of prophetic dreams comes also demonic attacks. Since I can remember I have had dreams of demons chasing me, satan chasing me, and once I remember 3 demons jumped on me one at a time and I had to fight them all off. God taught me to say “Get behind me satan in Jesus name” or I simply say “God help me” and they poof instantly. It was like I was being taught to fight them before I knew they were real and to rely on God as my help. You really can’t dismiss demons as fake, when you have been dreaming about them since youth. Sometimes, they are in the form of evil humans even, but my spirit tells me they are demons in disguise. I often wake up a bit grouchy when I have them, because I feel like I just went through a battle field while sleeping. No fun at all.
The last two days I was having some of these attacks and last night I remember clearly I was looking in the mirror and I could see one transform on my face. After that I woke with an extreme pain in my side for an hour and I prayed for relief. Finally, God healed me. While I am not clear why these are allowed I do know these dreams have taught me they can be defeated with the help of God’s holy spirit. God always helps with spiritual attacks.