God Spoke of Agility

Two Dream Visions: First Jesus was standing in front of this aircraft(almost like a war plane) and then I saw him on the aircraft like he was petting it with his hand.
Second: Jesus was standing very tall in his white robe along a long open hallway and he stretched his hand out towards the door and I saw the door open.I felt the presence of Jesus above me stronger this time when I layed down. It’s like small things of electricity on my body and felt him above me. My cat even looked above my head where I felt he was. I then fell asleep and God’s spirit said “Agility” while I also saw the words.
I found scriptures relating to this word.
Isaiah 41:3-5
3 With agility and speed unmatched, he chases them down
and is himself unscathed, even though he is passing over unfamiliar land.
4 Who has performed these deeds and accomplished this purpose?
Who calls each generation into being from the first on down?
It is I, the Eternal One your God.
I am the first.
And to the very last, I am the One.
5 The lands along the seacoast have seen and are scared.
The ends of earth take to shaking and yet still they draw near.