God’s Deep Lessons

Vision: Saw a small stone room like Jesus’ time with a chair and table all in stone. Could have been a prayer room.
Dream: I saw myself walk down a small dirt path up to a big wall with a lot of stones and I could not get passed it. (On the narrow road jesus is the only way through a blocked wall)
Vision: I saw black drops being dropped on my eyes and they slowly started covering my whole view. This happened twice. (A drop is an indication God is dropping the prophet a message, so a black drop could mean a block in communication and he is seeking that deeper communication) I believe God showed me as a double lesson “black” and “drop”. I was looking to my past, and God is clear to keep moving forward with him, don’t look back or you may miss the opportunity he presents. “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:62, ESV), I believe this is a warning, more then condemnation. He does not want us to miss our chance with him, so if you keep looking back to your sins or past life once you tasted the goodness of the lord…there is a consequence. There is a site I have attached below that shows many meanings to the color black in dreams. They are all truth and scriptural. Sometimes darkness is used to bring light. A seed is buried in dark, but it springs forth in light. A jewel is created and found in dark, but beauty in light. Many meanings.I believe the first half of the prophecy I got yesterday, was completed and God led me to the meaning.
The lords message yesterday: “When a sacred Messiah was…”
The holy spirit led me to a site that showed the true name of the Messiah was Elohim Yahweh. God was leading me to the names used before they were translated, but this does not mean we get caught up in the name, because God still answers to “God” and “Jesus” etc.., it’s about the character not the debate. It’s about the heart for Jesus more then the mind. These are deep teachings and secrets God likes to reveal to his sheep. For anyone that wants the deeper relationship, he def likes to show deeper things. “Deep calls unto Deep” Psalm 42:7 God likes the deep things, but he will also have the holy spirit give understanding of them eventually.Resources:
Two great sites below for the deeper understanding of prophecy and colors used in prophecy and not looking back:

What is a Prophet / Prophetess?


Posted by Carol Nemitz on Wednesday, February 24, 2010