Prophecy of Chosen

I got a lot from God and some things I feel are more my personal prophecy and other’s on this similar journey. It’s also for eyes that want to see that God does take us deeper. I noticed a pattern he is doing from one post to another, he seems to confirm with something he was saying to me. For example, he wanted me to emphasize one of my post was really about ( Prophecy like Rain ‘Drops’ ) drops being added bc it’s meaning is prophecy. He spoke this to me. I had no clue if ‘drops’ truly meant prophecy the first entry I added this meaning from a symbol, but I trusted the holy spirit and waited for his confirmation. I had no clue God was going to start giving me prophecy either. He showed all this ahead of time before it came to pass. God is so alive and loves the deeper connection.
Symbols and My Interpretations:
Notebook with my writing top pages falling on water. (dropping writings to show God’s words as living water)
Manniquin with broken parts doing a back bend. Colorful background. (represents fake…bending over backwards for ppl and are broken, seems colorful in the background…but up front broke and is really fake)
Sign with words “live talkers” on it. (the bible comes to life and through his prophets he talks)
Emails with subject like “My Two Languages” (God has different spiritual languages and sends at his will)
Prophecy from the Lord:
“The Lord has chosen out of large crowd for victory”
“Control see’s the world”
“God is getting me ready for war to come”
“Stars assume it”
“Your home here will be temporary”
Vision: Two guys talking to a news cast at like a conference, both have dark hair and goatee’s and one with striped navy suit.
Vision: Jesus with white Robe holding one hand up and colorful sash and jewels on them.