God Took Me To Another Dimension

Wow, I just had fallen asleep and I dreamed I was standing in my basement where an old friend comes up to me. His name is Mark and he hugs me then shows me a paper with his prophetic dream of drawings and words where it was about the end of the world. I said wow you are prophetic too. I remember seeing someone else there, but I don’t remember who it was. Then me and Mark were in my basement and I was asking him about his end of world vision and he suddenly looks straight like he’s going into another vision and say’s it’s going black. I touched his arm then it went black and I started falling. I woke up in like another dimension laying on the ground and I could not get up, but I was fully aware and able to control my thoughts. I saw a long thick dark gray blue side walk and gray clouds. There was something to the right of this with a couple stacks of blocks in concrete/stone, but not sure what it was. I heard loud thunders and felt so many rain drops fall on my back. They were kinda cold and going into my body. I said a couple times God where am I, it’s cold here. Possibly because my spirit was out of my body. Then I was trying to make myself wake because I was scared and I woke up. I literally was taken out of my body to go to this place and I was trying to force myself back into my body. This did not feel like a normal dream either. Def out of this world crazy like surreal looking. I felt God was the one who took me to this place, but I have no clue what it was for. I know God’s presence was there. I felt it was another dimension. I saw this around 6:00 am and I just fell asleep at 5:35.
Note: I was just searching for an image for this dream and saw a sequence of words in images directly aligned saying: I know you don’t understand, to one amazing night, this is not goodbye, I know we’ll meet again, so let your life begin. Before I slept, I was saying to God this life is too sad to live in and I want to be with him. I just let the unbearable bear dog go to a new home and while it was hard, I just really missed him and felt a bit of God’s joy in him even. He was a happy dog, tho very hard to deal with. It’s crazy how we can love even the most difficult things.
Before this: I also heard two times a base sound from a car playing and the second time I heard a radio song playing with it.
I saw the words “love” before all of this.
Confirmation of vision yesterday: I saw a fire truck going to my sons school today.
Confirmation of dream of black demon dogs under “Mystery Man” post: this dream came true the other day and is why we got rid of bear…he kept jumping multiple times (multiple demons) over fence and would not stop jumping on me and we could not control him or contain him no matter what we did. Then my cat meowed crazily at my mom (cat demons). I used a spray bottle to clean up the mess bear made in my house bc he broke out of laundry room. Also, my sister came to help.