He Heals My Broken Heart

The last few days I struggled a bit as I do sometimes with understanding some things. My past haunts me and my heart struggles to feel, and I ask God to heal my heart and the tears start to flow as soon as he does. My love for him is overflowing again. He heals our hearts if we ask. (Psalm 23) We can do nothing apart from God. He is our strength.
A scripture God repeated to me today: Proverbs 16:9 A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.
I had several dreams/visions last night.
Visions: Lightning flash…Saw Jesus Like he was Listening to Me…Tray of Food being poured out and tray emptied….2 Pay Stubs with color purple on them.
Words: Couple with Hearts, Focus.
Dreams: I was dreaming a lot of dreams about arguing with church leaders, or people in charge of children in church. Feeling guilty for it also. Some of my battles were me feeling guilty. Remember thinking Jesus is watching everything I do and say. Possibly my own guilt dreams, but God’s not done with us yet and molding us for himself to be with him in heaven. This life is not perfect, so we will struggle here. This is not our home and is only temporary.