God said “Try Me” Again

God said the words “Try Me” again. Please see my post under “God said Try Me.” Anyone that is not sure if he is real and has not seen the good works he has done for their life, he wants them to ask. Simply saying, “God show me your real” can allow him to move in your life and is an act of faith. He will show up. God is looking for the willing. The same goes for trying him in tithes. If you give cheerfully, he will reward cheerfully. Finally, If your just discouraged from the hardships of life, he is the comforter and healer. He wants us to ask him to heal, ask him to comfort, ask his help in all things just as you would ask a father.
Visions: I saw a couple visions of Jesus with different color sashes on, light blue and red. Apparently, he likes change in fashion too. The light blue vision, he had clouds around him. A third vision of him, he was distant, but I saw his outline as transparent and he was walking.
Dreams: I dreamed a couple times of battling different evil people. One was in a grassy area and another a hospital. I remember hearing a scream at the hospital.