Third Time God Said “Try”

Words: Try (Please see my past entries on Try) I feel this is him reminding and encouraging us to try again and remember the things he does, try to spend time with him, try to listen and hear, try to learn from him. He does not expect perfection like the world, he just wants us to “Try.” Try and see he is good, try and ask and see if he will respond. God is always speaking to us and if we “TRY”, then we will see him working in our own lives. Keep our eyes on the things above and just TRY to see how good God can really be. He wants a two way connection, not just one way. I am a living testimonial of that.
Vision: Paris Jacket with the words “I love you
Words: Tomato Fruit Juice (I feel this is something he is saying I need for my health) Remember, when God is working in us, he cares about even the small details and will help guide us to health also. Gonna get a V8 juice lol.
Vision: Sand with rocks popped up like a flat image quickly.
Dream: beach with fireworks that made circular patterns. Was very vibrant and pretty colors.
Dreams: Was dreaming of sculptures a couple times.