Vision of Gideon Building

Visions: I was seeing a lot of Jesus last night. So many visions of him. He was presenting himself in his white robe and a red sash or some kinda covering over his back He was realistic with this one and walking towards me and kept flashing off and on. I felt him closer. 🙂 I saw him walking towards me twice. The other time was with a halo on his head. A third I saw an outline of his face close up.
Vision: I saw a building a couple times and thought this was a gideon building. (Gideon was a man of faith. He wished to be sure that God was leading him and God gave him courage)
Read Story of Gideon here (The picture is called Gideon’s Spring):
Vision: I saw the word “Star” on a bag of chips and this word is being repeated a lot lately.
Symbol: Saw a heart outline in red.
Saw an angel name called “Jengel”