Vision: Jesus Shining Inside His Cave


Do you realize the Lord reveals things to me about his past from the bible, that I did not know or remember??? That is how real he is and his words….

Vision: I had other visions, but when I asked the Lord what he wanted me to show his people – this was the vision he gave me. I was standing in front of this huge circular stone and I saw it being rolled back supernaturally. After it opened fully I saw this cave with dark rock walls and floors, like charcoal colored all over. About 10-15 feet ahead I saw Jesus with a super bright pure white light (his purity or holiness) sitting down on the left side of a wall with a rock type seat close to the ground and he had one of his knee’s slightly up and his right arm resting on it. He was staring down at what was a light source on the ground and at first I did not know what it was, but the Lord revealed it was the angel there with him. I did not see the right part of the vision, but originally felt it was a fire. God not only revealed to me he was on the left side, but an angel was to his right and I discovered that after I looked up the scriptures on it in Mark 16. I did not realize this was his tomb location at first. The rocks were kind of shiny, so I am not sure if that was from his bright white glowing light or the dew from the cave. I just remember him being so bright in this dark area and being excited to see him. He was so calm and patient looking. Like he was waiting for his time to shine before men. I saw some words after this that said “The Patience” and I knew it was about the patience in all of us for things we are waiting on God for, but it is also about him being our example to be patient in all situations while waiting on the Lord to do the revealing, unblocking or the impossible….even in the dark cave moments God has us waiting in.

The message: The Lord was patient in waiting to be risen from the dead…even with darkness around him the kingdom of heaven was revealed with the angel standing next to him. Supernatural experiences happened while inside his cave moment, but after the rock was moved supernaturally even more was revealed. Sometimes we need that supernatural help to roll back the stone blinding our eyes to see him more clearly and hear his message more clearly. Also, in our caves or difficult situations we need patience and his supernatural help as well to get through it. Finally, the message was he is always there, but at times we could have something blocking our view that needs supernatural strength to move it. Some things we have to just wait patiently in prayer for him to move the block to our caves! He rose from the grave so we can get through anything with him by our side!

Heard the Lord say another time “I will be with you” Dream: I dreamed of a preacher who was building his church on a hill. Then I heard a revelation in the spirit- don’t hide your lamp post. I remember thinking he is closer to heaven up there, but what about winters, they will be hard to get up the hill. After this dream I heard Jesus say “I will be with you” If we step out on faith, God is faithful to be with us in difficult situations.

Matthew 5:14-16
14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.
15 Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.
16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Vision: I saw Jesus hands stretched out and palms faced upward, but I only saw his hands and partial robe near his hands. Later I got two additional images of this where I saw a picture on my phone that showed the very position I saw the hands and then at my aunt’s funeral burial….there was a statue of Jesus holding his hands the same position. I knew it was a message to keep seeing it within two days after the vision. He is holding out his hands to us and giving us comfort.

Vision: Another Vision I saw Jesus facing sideways with a King’s crown on. This vision was like a snapshot of artwork and it was all black line art drawing.
Vision: I saw another vision where I saw his feet and he was walking on this pebbled stone path, but this time he was more humbled in rags and sackcloth looking clothes. I only saw his below his knee’s and his foot take a step.
Vision: Saw Jesus robe near me, but just his chest area. Not his face or feet this time.

Vision: While struggling with spiritual battles, I saw a white heart in a vision.
Vision: I also saw the words “Accepted” He accepts us even with our imperfections.

God revealed to me a few weeks prior that my aunt would not live and she has passed to be with the Lord.

I kept seeing the word “Simple” or “Simple Path” (I think sometimes our hopes and desires can complicate things or make it seem worse. His yoke is light compared to what it will be without him)

Dream of two russian kids and an invasion with arabic somehow. This is all I remembered of this dream.

Dream of a woman with someone else running from the cops. My focus was mostly on the girl, but I saw a guy too at one point. This girl was smart and this couple kept getting away. She hid in the closet and used two little girls to distract the cops. She hid on a roof at one point and they shot bullets but she was able to somehow get a bullet and use it to shoot back at them with no gun. She was very intelligent. She killed someone but it was an accident and she was not going to jail. The cops were tired of chasing her but knew how smart she was. At one point she went back to her parents house knowing they would no longer suspect her to go there. Whoever this woman is, she is innocent.